The Egin Online Community – what is it? Introduction and demo
The Egin Online Community - what is it? Introduction and demo
October 17, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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One of our goals is to build a community across Wales – grassroots, local groups connecting with each other to share their visions, ideas and lessons learnt.

As part of Egin, we host the Egin Online Community – a free platform where the groups we support, our Peer Mentors, staff ,as well as any other community groups or organisations working on community climate change join together to learn more about each other’s projects.

Join us on the 17th October for a quick introduction and demo of the Egin Online Community. You are welcome to join if you’re already a member but haven’t yet had the chance to find out all the things that you can do on the community.

We’ll cover:

  • What the Egin Online Community is and who can join
  • How to find like-minded people or organisations near you, including how you can filter based on interests or areas of expertise
  • How the groups supported by our Egin Peer Mentoring programme can use their private spaces for discussion, resource sharing and events
  • How to share news about your projects and programmes to inspire others
  • The Discussion forum – creating and browsing questions based on thematic areas
  • How to share and find out about upcoming events, both online and offline
  • The news, blog and updates section, as well as what’s in the resources section
  • How you can change the platform language between English and Welsh and change your notification/privacy settings
  • Any other general questions/issues you have

Whether you’re curious about joining the Egin Online Community, wondering how to make the best use of it or looking for a chance to ask about something that’s been bothering you, pop into our Introduction/Demo session on Tuesday, 17th October at midday – register here.

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