Proving and Improving Toolkit

A free, downloadable resource to help you measure the impact of your project

Proving and Improving toolkit – download (English)

Profi, Arbrofi a Gwella – download the toolkit in Welsh


Measuring impact is not just about numbers—it’s about learning and improving. When you measure impact, you can learn what’s working well and what needs to change. By understanding the impact of your project, you can make better decisions, improve what you’re doing, and find new ways to make an even bigger impact. It’s all about growing and getting better at what you do – not just doing something because it feels good.

Egin’s partners, Co-production Lab Wales, have been working with us to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit – called Proving and Improving –  so that groups supported by Egin can make sure their project is really delivering the impact they want it to. Groups who are supported by Egin can receive half a day of mentoring from Co-Production Lab Wales on how to use the toolkit on top of their 3 days of Peer Mentoring – but even if you’re not receiving mentoring from us, you can download the toolkit here:

Our Monitoring and Evaluation process follows five steps:

STEP 1: You come up with the evaluation question you want to explore.
STEP 2: You choose between the different ways in which people could help you explore it.
STEP 3: You choose between the different motivations people may have for doing so.
STEP 4: You choose between the different numbers of people you could work with.
STEP 5: You make sure there’s nothing in the way which could stop them.

Whilst this guide can be used by anybody, it will work best when each step forms the basis of
a discussion with your team or better still, with your community! To help, conversation cards are provided, which you can print out and move around, getting your creative juices flowing.

Read our blog “Why is it important to measure the impact of our project?” to find out more about why we do monitoring and evaluation.

We hope that however you use this toolkit, you find it a valuable resource for evaluating the impact of your projects and programmes.


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