Egin Online Community

One of our goals is to build a community across Wales – grassroots, local groups connecting with each other to share their visions, ideas and lessons learnt.

As part of Egin, we host the Egin Online Community – a free platform where the groups we support, our Peer Mentors, staff, as well as any other community groups or organisations working on community climate change join together to learn more about each other’s projects.

As part of the Egin Online Community, you can be inspired by finding out what else is happening around Wales, discuss problems and solutions with other community groups, and meet like-minded people in your area.

The Egin Online Community will also let you to share your photos and videos, create events and invite others, find out what projects and organisations are happening around you or start new discussions around the topics you care about.

It’s free to join and we already have over 200 members from around Wales sharing their ideas and projects – come and join us!

If you’re already part of the Egin programme, (read more about it here), you will be invited to the platform by your Facilitator. You will also then be given access to a private space where your community group or organisation can discuss, organise and work on their Action Plans.  If you’re interested in joining the Egin programme, learn more about how to get involved.

Even if you are not being supported by the Egin programme, you can still request to join the Egin Online Community and take part in discussions. Go to and click “Request to join” – you will be accepted if you are in or near Wales and you are involved in community climate action or sustainability.

The Online Community is available in English and Welsh.

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