Louisa Addiscott

Joint Head of Outreach & Engagement

I am excited to join DTA Wales as joint Head of Outreach and Engagement.  I have spent many years working in local communities in RCT and am passionate about supporting individuals to be agents of change.  I am a strong advocate of asset-based community development and working co-productively within communities.  These have been the foundations of my working ethos and are guiding principles of my work.

These principles have enabled me to support local communities to develop and deliver on their visions.


These have included the co-design and delivery with local community groups of a state-of-the-art energy efficient community centre; an off-grid visitor centre in a local forestry; asset transfer and refurbishment of a paddling pool and reducing water usage; purchase of land for the development of a community hub.

I am driven by social injustice and the need to ensure that we all work together collaboratively to bring about change.  I believe we all have a part to play in the climate action agenda and we are all contributing to it in small steps.  Climate action is such a big agenda that sometimes we don’t recognize and understand our existing contribution.  I am a great believer in breaking it down so that we can learn and grow together to take bigger steps in tackling it.

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