Jess Mead Silvester

I’ve worked as a community development worker near Bangor for the last 5 years, working for a community to facilitate groups and residents’ visions for their community and future happen (asset-based community development approach). I’ve worked with voluntary groups to develop community energy enterprises, growing and community food projects, youth Arts projects, developing new and gaining access to existing community spaces and assets. I’ve also supported groups to challenge systemic inequalities around poverty, education and access to services, to develop community-led practical support through crises and to embed meaningful wellbeing and mental health support partnerships in community settings. Before that, I worked on community biodiversity projects, in environmental outreach and ocean and climate science. I volunteer as a trustee for Caban Pentra (community-school project) and as a director for Ynni Padarn Peris community hydro scheme.

In making a future where equity, social and environmental justice underpin living in balance with each other and the planet, I believe it’s important that change comes from right place, now. I’m excited and hopeful about the roles that community and grassroots groups across Wales can play in leading a lasting shift towards a more sustainable future here, through action.

In my free time I’m usually in mountains, trees or by the sea, gardening, drinking tea, dancing or planning the next adventure with my family.

Areas covered: North West Wales – Gwynedd, Anglesey, Conwy

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Jess Mead Silvester
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