Jasmine Dale

I’m Jasmine Dale and live in North Pembrokeshire, West Wales. All my adult life I’ve been involved in green issues in some way, first as a student, then as a teacher and smallholder, and often just as a human doing my best to find a way to live sustainably. My main areas of expertise are communication strategies, food growing, wildlife and nature regeneration and general practical and personal skills for resilience and planning projects. I enjoy meeting new people and I’m always curious about the way the place we live has its own unique personality, affects what is possible and often holds the key to brilliant community initiatives.

I come to this work because I am inspired by good people making a difference in the world. I’ve met many groups over the years, including nurses, architects, artists, veterans, church, sport and school clubs and I’m always reminded of the skills and knowledge we hold in our communities. By supporting groups to work together and create our own local solutions, we can make a real difference to the challenges all around us. Through Egin, I can help that happen and share resources and the experience and insights of others to support communities to make ideas into practical actions.

Areas covered: South West Wales: Pembrokeshire, Carmarthen

Contact Jasmine: jasminedale@dtawales.org.uk

Jasmine Dale
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