Gwyneth Jones

Communications Manager

For the past few years, I was living in Prague, Czech Republic, teaching both English and Welsh as well as working as Communications Lead for Six Seconds (the Emotional Intelligence Network), conducting research for the Coastline Runner, writing articles about the climate emergency (especially its intersections with mental health), and coaching and facilitating workshops and courses that move people from despair and anxiety about climate change into empowerment, connection and action.

I am particularly interested in how we change the narrative in terms of our relationship with the world; seeing ourselves as part of a living, complex biosphere rather than seeing the world as a collection of resources to exploit, and am personally passionate about re-learning the skills of our ancestors, which is why I have been trying to grow my own food for the past three years.

I recently moved back to Wales (after 16 years away) and am thrilled to be involved with organising and encouraging community action on climate change. The multiple crises we’re facing cannot be tackled through rugged individualism – we need to connect with our communities once again, to remember how to be in relationship with others, not only in order to survive, but to thrive! Communities can be places of great comfort, joy, and support – we may have forgotten that over the last few decades, but I feel that the tide is turning and that, collectively, we are turning back and noticing where we are located.

Gwyneth Jones
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