Anne Marie Carty

My name is Anne Marie Carty, I was born in London, but have lived in the Dyfi Valley in Mid Wales for thirty years. My background is in film and television, making documentary films about what were then called “social issues”, but I have also been involved in participatory video work around the UK since 1990. In the early 1990s I moved to mid Wales, where I adapted and developed participatory video techniques to do bilingual community engagement work with different communities across the country.

I have also worked in Asia, Africa and Russia, and these experiences have made a real difference to my understanding of communities and the challenges posed by climate change. I did an MPhil (research Masters degree) in 2011 looking at the use of film as a tool for community development work with Welsh rural communities, and continued that research doing a part-time PhD alongside working freelance as a community facilitator in villages around mid Wales for various organisations and charities.

Anne Marie Carty

I am most interested in community participation, engagement and development, and my work and academic research has focussed on developing safe, non-judgemental and ethical research practices to help make social change. I am a Level Three life coach, and trained in narrative therapy and collaborative communication as these are such useful tools when working with groups and communities to think through issues and find solutions together.

I am really keen to do something to directly try to meet the challenges of the changing climate, and what better way than to work with communities in Wales, where we have such fantastic opportunities for renewable energy and sustainable ways of living?

Areas covered: Mid Wales: Ceredigion, Powys

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