Angela Paxton

Administrative Officer

I am so pleased to start as Administrator at Development Trust Association Wales, working on the Egin programme. I have experience of working with Renew Wales on a Climate Action Boost project for Gerddi Bro Ddyfi Gardens (GBDG) in 2021, when we planted fruit and nut trees in public spaces around the Dyfi Valley. I was impressed with the support we had for this, and having seen the broad and exciting range of community projects which have been enabled through Renew Wales, I see this post as an amazing opportunity to play a part in supporting many more community projects to take action on climate change across Wales.

Previously I worked for five years as Senior Volunteer Coordinator at GBDG , a therapeutic, wildlife friendly, community garden in Machynlleth. This role encompassed all aspects of managing the garden: as well as planning and delivering volunteer gardening sessions, I managed funded projects, and organised workshops and community events. I also work part time (one day per week) for Ecodyfi’s Tyfu Dyfi project, as Local Community Growing Coordinator, and am an active member of local Gelli Deg Dyfi Food Forest group.


I am passionate about the need for everyone to get involved in taking action on climate change, and how this will in turn will create many additional benefits, such as enhancing our communal spaces, bringing people together, and improving our food and energy security.

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